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 6.0 - Scheduled Maintenance

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PostSubject: 6.0 - Scheduled Maintenance   6.0 - Scheduled Maintenance EmptyThu Oct 04, 2012 1:00 pm

Black Moon 6.0 - Rise of the Spider Queen
6.0 - Scheduled Maintenance RiseoftheSpiderQueen_zpsbc465188
What's expected for this Maintenance?
● All Spiders will have their HP and Attack increased
● The Spider Suit ability will be for sale during the duration of 6.0
● The Spider Suit ability will be required to complete some events
● Unnecessary plugins will be removed to reduce lag.
● Everyone will receive a special gift as an apology for the constant crashes and lag.
● The spawn's color will be changed to Green for the duration of 6.0

● As some of you may have already encountered, Arakuna, The Spider Queen will be dropping in often with her army of deadly spiders. Killing Arakuna will grant you various rewards. Some of you may have met Arakuna before as "TheDarkBlaster" and you should be ready to kill Arakuna. She may ambush you, or even wait outside of the spawn with her horde of Spiders.
● Spiders will receive a 45% chance of dropping Dragon eggs.
<{The Deadly}> Gear will be added to the Legendary Shop soon.
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6.0 - Scheduled Maintenance
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