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 Black Moon Z!

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PostSubject: Black Moon Z!   Thu May 02, 2013 12:33 am

Welcome to Black Moon Z!
Here's a small guide to start you off!

-How to talk to others-
Use the command /cc -channel- to talk to others!
Channel list:
Global - Used for everything
Trade - Specifically for trading with others
Local - To talk to people nearby instead of the whole server
Help - Specifically to ask for help
Channel1 - Free channel
Channel2 - Free channel

-How to start off-
From the spawn, go forward and you'll be teleported to a small blue town.
Find the transit station or walk out from there and begin your journey!

Remember these two commands!
/warp Spawn

-How do we use BMG Tokens?-
There are various rewards you can get with BMG Tokens!
We are currently developing a list of rewards you can get with the tokens so hold on to them!

For now, there are 3 places with mobs that will drop BMG Tokens!
Mob Mob Type Location Directions Side Notes
Shix Spider T2 /warp T2 Has Ender pearl effect
Soor Zombie T1 /warp T1 Has Fire effect
Chilly Cow Forest Go to the transit station and find the Vur Homes. Search around. Has Ender pearl effect

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Black Moon Z!
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